Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time to tell the Kids

Christmas Eve is our annual family kickball game. It's a day when we make the Christmas hustle and bustle stop and our family plays at the park. When we first became a blended family is was hard to squeeze in every one's favorite holiday traditions. Sad to say some were sacrificed and not everyone got to keep their favorite childhood memory alive. This annual kickball game seems to be something all of us are determined to hold on to rain or shine, sick or not, young or old! This year the weather was beautiful. No wind, blue skies, happy faces and a great attendance. After the game we sat in a big circle to announce to one last daughter and her family about the diagnosis. Somehow, it worked out that they were all told separately. That was brutal on me. Every time I had to re-tell my story I became weaker emotional. This being the last go round I was pretty much milk toast, weepy before I said a word. My husband and kids helped to fill in the blanks for the announcement. There we were sitting in a round circle in the park on Christmas eve discussing Mom's cancer. Lumpectomy? Mastecomy? Chemo? What's next? Merry Christmas? Hands down, the overwhelming vote was mastectomy! Good thing, I already decided that's what I wanted. What a brave crew we have; all brilliant, intelligent, loving and compassionate. Everything is going to be alright. It's just another earthquake, but this too shall pass and strengthen our family along the way. Life circumstances are less scary when you hear I Love You out loud. Only one thing was missing.. I had one daughter out of state. She was told over the phone, thank goodness for modern technology!

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